About Me

Cassandra is a badass guide who is energitic and connected. She is here to inspire and guide you to connect with your potent and powerful soul! 

My Story

Cassandra Barrie!
I am a mindset and empowerment badass!
My mission is to empower women to step into their badassery.
After my life changed trajectory rapidly I soon realised that our time here is such a fucking precious a gift, that can also be taken at any moment.
I am a highly passionate and driven person, spending most of my life working as a hairdresser and owning several businesses in the fashion and the hair and beauty industry!
Working with women and helping them look and feel good on the outside.
I was a natural born nurturer and healer, But I just didn’t realise my true power, My badassery!
I throw myself into the world of spirituality and self discovery and my soul, my higher self started dancing and screaming out loud for attention.
My inner badass was calling, she wanted to come party!
From this moment I realised that life has a much bigger purpose than many of us even realise and that so many of us live happy lives, but there is a much bigger, way more epic and badass life available to us!
Less stress, more joy!
Loads more gratitude and adventure!
The abundance, the space and the time is out there for us all we just have to be prepared to search for it, to work for it!
And now here I am 5 years later ready to keep learning and growing, and take a tribe of Badass women on the ride with me!
Guiding them to A Badass life!

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